Frozen in Time Studio

We were recommended Frozen in Time Studio from a friend who had previously worked with the photographer, Sam. We went to another bridal shop before we took a look at FIT Studio. The previous bridal shop had a lot of gowns but we couldn't find anything that was suiting for us. When we got to the FIT studio it presented a more cozy and 'at home' feeling and even though they didn't have as many gowns as the previous bridal shop, we were much happier with their selection.

They were flexible with their package and were professional handling our enquiries while still being very friendly. We are very happy with the final package: pre-wedding studio shoot & actual day wedding (they provided wedding dress / dinner gown for the bride with matching clothes for the groom). Our pre-wedding studio shots consisted of 2 indoor and 3 outdoor settings with different set of clothes for each. We are very happy with the way the pre-wedding album turned out and also the actual day photos. Our wedding was in Brunei so they came down the day before and having them to be our one-stop shop for most of the important parts of our wedding (dress, makeup, photography) helped us a great deal. They even came all the way down to Brunei for our wedding and it was a great choice to have them handle all the dress & photos needs for us.

Thanks again to Sam, Crystalbelle and Shelly at Frozen in Time Studio: thank you for helping us and making our special day even more memorable with the dresses/photos/albums. 

Find Frozen in Time Studio at their website or Facebook or at their studio shown below.

Frozen in Time Studio location (if I remembered correctly)